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Alrighty Then!

Ok, this last week was rough. With everything happening, I had a little break down. The world is scary. Most days, I'm just living my life, doing my business, loving Coco. But sometimes, it gets too much. Overwhelmed and spiraling are the words I keep going back to. Listen, being a solopreneur is fucking tough. I do it all: admin, customer service, finance, production, marketing, website design, ordering, etc. Then, we add on the riots, and the ridiculous $19.00 I got as a stimulus payment, lots of things are running through my head.

So, I am just going to focus on my mantra and my goals this year, and know that my dedication to them will get me through it.

Let's start with the Mantra for 2021. Let it Go. I know you're probably breaking into song right now, but if not, here you go:

I'm letting go of things that don't serve the purpose. Letting go of physical and mental things that are taking unnecessary space. Letting go of expectations others have of me. I have tough enough expectations for myself, without putting on the added stress of everyone else!

And now for my #1 goal - I want to profit this year. Opening a space last year meant that any and all income went back into the business to cover all the various expenses.

So, I've got some actions I'm going to take and here they are. I'm writing them down to hold myself accountable.

Improve my product photos and staging (I joined a specific cookie marketing group, yall!)

Post consistently on social media (I'm not quite there yet. I need to sit down and plan!)

Do offerings for each month, whether its for a holiday, or special event, I know that I was lacking this last year.

So those are the three actions I'm committing to. I know there are more things to do. There's always more. But if I commit to all the things, I'm going to get overwhelmed and likely none of the actions will happen.

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