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What in the world is a Cookie Wishlist?

Hey there!

In my cookie marketing group, someone shared a Cookie Wishlist and the results they got. I gave it a try and here are my results:

First, what is a cookie wishlist, you ask? It's basically a list of themes you want to make, and you post it out there for people to claim. You get to retain full control of the design, and offer something in return to the person ordering. For example, 15% off.

Several people did theirs and posted in their group that they were getting orders. I thought, what the heck, let me go ahead and post one and see what happens. Here's mine...

So, what happened? Well... the day I posted, all themes got claimed, except 1. That's pretty awesome, right? Since it was successful, I'll definitely be doing this in the future!

I thought it was a great, unique outside the box idea to generate some interest and sales. What ideas have you come across that provided you with some surprising and good results?

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