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Terms & Conditions

Lets talk Money...

You pay, I bake! I don't want to, but I also wont spend my time chasin ya down!


Eenie Meenie Order Minimums. (that didn't rhyme - I'm a baker not a poet)


Each order will have many components! Whether it's time to source ingredients (everything is scratch made, after all!), designing, preparation (mixing colors is fun!), or clean up (Dishes are the WORST!), baking and decorating takes time! And, the cost to turn on the oven for a 6" cake is the same as the cost to turn on the oven for a 3 tier cake, so I have to cover costs to ensure I'm here for everyone's amazing sweet treat requests.


  • Celebration cakes have a minimum of $75

  • Wedding cakes have a minimum of $200

  • Cookies have a 2 dozen (24 cookies) minimum

    • A fully custom order is $130 ($5.41/cookie)

    • A half custom/half plain iced cookie order is $90 ($3.75/cookie)

    • Printed business/logo* cookies are $72 ($3.00/cookie)

    • A plain iced cookie order is $50 ($2.08/cookie)


Need fewer? Stay tuned for a popup shop announced on my Facebook page!


Uh, oh! Something happened and I need to get a refund!


I can offer refunds up to 24 hours after the payment is accepted. Unfortunately, after that time, I cannot offer refunds as I’ve already started sourcing for your order. But the good news - you get the treats!

Also, I have full confidence you’ll be ecstatic with your sweet treats, but in the event you are unhappy, I’ll gladly take the sweet treat back to refund your money. No product return=No money return. Baking custom sweet treats from scratch require a lot if ingredients, supplies and time.


My order has changed!

You'll have until 2 weeks prior to your event date is the final date for any changes of size, style or flavors of the cake. Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and maybe subject to additional charges.


Yikes! I need a cake tomorrow!

Uh, we all have our moments, right? Planning for an event can be a little hectic and sometimes we forget things. We will gladly try to accommodate you if its within our availability! However, since we've already planned out our days, we will now have to re-schedule some of our work, and therefore, orders placed within 2 weeks of the requested event date will incur a $50 rush fee per order.


How and when can I get my sweets?

Delivery and pick up times are set upon ordering. This is because other customers need their sweet fix too!


No show = no treats. Our treats are best are best enjoyed fresh! Not showing up to the agreed upon pickup time forfeits your order. But take heart - we'll donate to a family in need. Need to reschedule your order? Please reach out 3 days prior to your pickup time.


Order Pickup location is at our storefront located inside Shoppes on Main, 220 N. Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025. We do offer delivery and setup on wedding cakes, and are free within a 15 mile radius of Edwardsville. Delivery outside of Edwardsville and surrounding areas will be assessed $1.00/mile in excess of the initial 15 miles.

OOPS! My cake melted in my car while I was shopping!


It's all yours now! Once you pickup your order (thanks again, by the way), what happens to your cookies, cocoa bombs, cake, and car doors (door dings are awful) is all on you! Keep em safe, keep em cool and keep em away from parking lot cart returns.


While cookies don't have to be refrigerated, keeping them cool, keeps them COOL! The designs can be affected by high heat.


If your cake pick up is more than 2 hours before your event, we do recommend keeping it in the refrigerator until 2 hours prior at which time you can let that baby free and show it off! If the temperature higher than 73, that cake is more a fan of spring and fall weather, the summer is not its friend. Keep it in the AC or refrigerator as long as possible.


If we're delivering your wedding cake, you gotta make sure that baby gets an appropriate and secure table! Cakes and buttercream are heavy, and need an optimal room temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Nobody wants a melty cake!


You want pretty things on top of your cake?

If flowers or a topper are provided by an outside source, we will place them for an additional fee. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants.


If we sculpt a topper for you and you are picking up the cake, we will likely send it home with you in a separate box because they are fragile, and can't be seat belted into the cake. We will give you instruction on how to place the topper once you get home!



Copyrighted images (think Star Wars and Peppa Pig) are protected, and I won't be able to replicate them baked goods (who wants cookie controversy, right?). We can make a similar color palette though - so let's talk!

Ship Shape!


As much as I'd love to hand delivery each and every batch - unfortunately, I often need the help of USPS. I do my best to package these cookies for a rough ride, but broken cookies are a possibility and a non-refundable risk you take when placing a shipped order. Also - while I ship Priority, I can't guarantee that "rain sleet snow or hail" won't delay your order. Refunds can't be offered - but know that they're on their way. Once tracking information is provided, claims for lost orders can be placed with USPS.



Thanks tons for bringing those inspo pictures! They're just that - inspiring. But your cookies may not be perfect replicas - we'll try to keep it close. Pictures are worth a thousand words. But they're not always accurate. Colors and lighting in photos may be slightly different than what you end up with. Also - cookies in photos may not be true to size! (which is a bummer, I'd frankly love to eat an 8.5x11 in cookie). Icing colors may vary. I'll do my best to match the colors as close as I can, but colors can vary based on many reasons outside of my control. Placing an order with me means that you agree that the colors may vary from inspiration photos and invitations.


Achoo! Allergies?


Baked goods are often made with foods that can be known allergens. While I can do my best to accommodate, I can't always accommodate allergy-conscious orders. We will make every effort to ensure your order does not come in contact with known allergen's, however, our kitchen is not considered nut free, egg free, dairy free, gluten free. Boring disclaimer, but we have to say it per the law. *tips cowboy hat* *straightens Sheriff pin*

In Sickness and in Health.


While death will never do us part, you're consuming food and with the consumption of anything (including that bottle of wine last night) there are inherent risks. Choking hazards, food illnesses, and allergic reactions are possibilities - albeit, hopefully far reaching.


Covid Care.

We know that you can't control when you have come in contact with a person who has Covid, and we want to work with you. Need to reschedule your event? We can freeze your cookies for 2 weeks so you can stay home and rest.


Say Cheese!

We create replicas of client orders to photograph these pretty sweet lookin' sweets. If you do not want your cookies in the spotlight, please let me know at the time you place your order. Secrets are safe with me.


Stuff Happens!

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon our ability to complete the Agreement and is subject to labor disputes or strikes, accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond our control.


Pay means Yay.

Once you've submitted (awesome) payment for your (awesome) order because you're awesome, you're accepting the above terms. Which is awesome because my cookies are awesome. Awesome.

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